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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

McCain auditioned with flip-flopper-in-chief

Well, going back to the topic of McCain's sharp deflation like a lead balloon, apparently Senator Kerry said today that when he was running for president in 2004, McCain's top aide, John Weaver, talked about joining Kerry as his veep candidate.

I don't want to over-predict here, but this could be like putting the McCain campaign's feet in concrete boots. His campaign manager put out a press statement citing disappointment with their fundraising figures, with a paltry 12.5 M to Mitt Romney's $20M.

Jonathan Singer who conducted the interview with Senator Kerry describes McCain's acts as political treason to Republicans. I don't think that's off the ball, and this most recent relevation only undermines McCain's credibility as a GOP candidate. In fact, it probably answers a question by the folks over at Hotline: "Why aren't institutional Republican donors giving to McCain yet?" Because they dont trust him farther than they can throw him, and the primary voters smell a wolf in sheep's clothing as much as we do.

McCain' staff is already rebutting the idea that they would come crawling to the guy who was portrayed by the GOP as the "flip flopper in chief."

It doesn't surprise me that the top tier GOP funding has been so lackluster compared to
Dems or that potential GOP stars are having a hard time (Huckabee raised all of a half million), or that many GOP diehards are voting Democratic because they are incredibly disgusted with the Bush/Rove smear machine and its inability to govern (see Grog's post over at newsblog.)

I would be supremely unenthused with these guys if they were my party's choices as well. Luckily, our top three are rockstars in in their own way.
(Hat tip politicalwire.)


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