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Monday, April 30, 2007

Stupid joke: a guy with a pantyhose mask

I saw this on youtube, and I thought it was one of the stupidest pranks I've ever seen. Some British comedian/talk show host thought it was funny to go into stores and restaurants wearing a black jacket and a pantyhose mask over his head. He calls it a "bit of an experiment." "I reckon it's really discriminatory, I reckon it's a really good look. Recently I've taken to wearing one as a fashion statement."

He knows the first thing people associate with this getup is a bank robber, and yet he thinks it's funny to go into convenience shops, noodle restaurants, book stores, etc. like this. Horrified store employees and owners run away, shriek, cower under tables, and one guy calls the cops. Many of the employees are Asian. One guy says, "You are a robber, you are robbing me!" The idiot comedian says, "No, I just want some noodles."

The guy is lucky he:

1) Didn't get arrested;
2) Didn't get shot;
3) Didn't get beat up for pulling such an incredibly childish prank.

Who on earth wouldn't react like the scared store owners? This isn't a funny joke, it's just sick. Sick to be playing it for laughs when in reality, convenience store employees work long hours, and those who have been held up and shot at probably wouldn't have hesitated to shoot him. And then the idiot would be dead and a horrified store owner would be charged with murder because some fool thought it was "funny" to conduct an experiment.

I don't understand the limited mental capacity of some folks.



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