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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Devil town

Just finished watching the season finale of Friday Night Lights. Needed something to get my mind off of stuff. It's a great show that I never ever ever thought I would get hooked on, but I love the main actor Kyle (loved him in Grey's Anatom too), and the relationship between him and his wife.

It's so real, and the way it's shot sometimes from the viewer's perspective, as if we're in the room with those boys as coach walks in after they win state, well, i sorta feel the admiration welling up in my eyes too. Plus I'm a sucker for great songs, and the lyrics to Bright Eyes cover of Daniel Johnston's "devil town" is so catchy, it has implanted itself in my head.

I was living in a devil town,
didn't know it was a devil town,
Oh lord it brings me down about the devil town.

All my friends were vampires,
didn't know they were vampires.
Turns out I was a vampire yself
in the devil town.

I looked for some versions of the original and I found this blog by a venture capitalist in NYC: A VC.

Yeah, you might wonder what an organizer is doing reading venture capitalist blogs, but this one at least has some good taste in music. Weirdly, he has the same taste in music as a friend of mine in junior high, down to the Ween, which I'm excluding from the "good taste"category. And he writes concisely with smart analysis about issues that i know little about. Besides, I learn the most by reading a wide range of perspectives.



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