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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chicago returns - Naisy Dolar

Polls are closed. I'm watching the ballot count for Naisy Dolar versus Bernie Stone here tonight. Just a scant 500 votes between them, and 11 precincts left....c'mon, Naisy!

11:05pm update: It's hotting up. 36 of 45 precincts in and Naisy's gaining, 48.19% to Stone's 51.81. Only 321 votes to cross that gap. Sweet! Btw, I'll be updating through the night. Looks like another sleepless one.

11:25p update: shoot, Stone's pulling away with 42 of 45 precincts in, 53.22 to Naisy's 46.78, and almost a 700 vote spread :(

Results are in- Dolar lost, but ran a very respectable race against the Chicago machine and a 20 year incumbent. She fought the good fight. Understandably, I don't have much in me for political analysis right now cos the violence has got me down. But I hope she will run again. She represents real hope, and real change.

Alderman 50th Ward 45 of 45 precincts counted 100.00%

Bernard L. Stone
5,965 52.93%

Naisy Dolar
5,304 47.07%

Total 11,269


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