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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Daddy Bush: "There may be a little Bush fatigue."

Newsflash: I'm sure that your son (the loser alcoholic that no one thought would be in the White House - everyone thought it would be Jeb) being president means you have to curtail your words, but let me say it for you and the rest of the country -

There is not just Bush fatigue, there is Bush disappointment, Bush resentment, Bush anger, and well, apparently in Dubya's inner circle, there's a lot of Bush denial.

Americans are sick of Bush and Cheney and we want change and true leadership. We want it so bad we can taste it. In fact, many of us wind up eating the spoiled products of Bush's war on food safety - first they came for my spinach, then they came for my pet's food and then that made it into my food again (pork.) Now they are coming for my chocolate, and there's no one to save my love! Don't mess with my chocolate!

But all fun aside, that's the reason why Bush's numbers are in the 30s, that's why there's renewed excitement about our Democratic field, that's why we're going to win in 2008. I can taste it, and it's as delicious as the Americone Dream.


Speaking of Colbert, here's his segment with Mike Huckabee, both of whom are dissing Mitt Romney's "I've been a hunter forever" moment.

And Spitzer pulls a "do you know who I am?" moment . . . to get a photo with Sanjaya, our collective well-coiffed papaya.


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