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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bigoted Bush nominee and possible Borg Queen to replace sex addict

Item one: Bush nominates Henrietta Holsman Fore, a crazy bigot, who used to head the US Mint, to be in charge of dispensing the United States' foreign aid. . .except she hates those furriners. Plus the guy who she is replacing is Randall Tobias, most notable for having been outed as a client of the DC madam, Deborah Jane Palfrey. The esteemable wonkette:

Holsman-Fore used to own a factory in Los Angeles, where she complained about her low-paid Negro Workers who kept going “back to the street to earn more money” selling crack.

Meet our Bush nominee of the day, after the jump.

At least they were industrious! The Latinos were just lazy, she said, while Asians were crafty and would somehow become managers.

Okay, that’s about right for a Bush appointee in charge of American financial aid to the people of Africa, Latin America and Asia. But what about white people, and their relations with robots?

According to the New York Times, she found “white workers resentful of having to work with machines.” We have to give her points for this one, because it’s a racial stereotype we have never heard before. Maybe that explains why we hate these fucking computers so much?

Well, at least she has crazy notions about everyone. Equal opportunity batty. And hey, she looks like the standard issue Stepford wife, so maybe she's really just resentful that her employees were biased against her mad borg skillz and didn't want to work with her. SHE WILL ASSIMILATE YOU!

But let's deconstruct these frequent stereotypes for what they are worth, cos she sure scores a triple home run, a veritable trifecta of hate. Here's what she goes through:

1) Black people are criminals. Would rather go to jail for selling drugs than make an honest day's living. (Or maybe they just couldn't stand working for her.) Cannot assimilate because they operate in their own type of economy.

2) Latinos are lazy. They would rather eat/drink/sleep/mambo than work. Not worth assimilating.

3) Asians are little syncophantic worker borgs, well primed to heed her every command, especially compared to those lazy Mexicans and drugged up blacks. (This probably explains how she picked Edward Moy to replace her. He's the perfect model minority.)

4) White people fear machines. Are luddites, so technologically unsophisticated that they run from the mere sight or touch of a computer. Afraid of assimilation.

So there's Henrietta's view of the racial universe. Of course, her theory of everything doesn't account for the Bill Gates/Steve Jobs phenom, why I shy away from anything more complex than a TI-82, or how my friend Ramon became a CEO but I guess we're not assimilated yet.
guess she can pay her local African American drug dealer to get us all hooked on whatever she's smoking.

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