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Monday, May 07, 2007

Guiliani hit and run

Yeah, so Rudy Giuliani donated $900 to Planned Parenthood. Big deal, right? He was in New York City.

Federal tax returns made public by the former New York mayor show that he and his then-wife, Donna Hanover, made personal donations to national, state and city chapters of Planned Parenthood totaling $900 in 1993, 1994, 1998 and 1999.

Uhm, yeah. It's a HUGE FREAKIN' DEAL to the Republican base. remember when I said that he wasn't going to get very far as GOP voters found out more about him? Well, if not for the drag, this might be the 2nd or 3rd nail in the coffin. I mean, he just got nailed... wait, the puns runneth over. Basically, a contribution isn't generally something that a politician does lightly:

Told of Giuliani's contributions to Planned Parenthood, Clemson University political science professor Dave Woodard said, "If he actually gave money to Planned Parenthood, boy, that puts him in a very precarious position, at least in the South Carolina Republican Party."

A Republican, Woodard noted that a personal contribution is something that is difficult to explain away to abortion opponents. "This isn't something like where your position is misunderstood," he said. "An overt act of giving money shows support for a position. That can't be a mistake or misinterpretation."

And, yes, I'm aware that I said I would be staying away from posting hit and runs, but well . . . news like this IS a hit and run - and trust me, I'm sure the opp researcher who dug this gem up got a pretty raise.

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