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Friday, May 18, 2007

Politics, the Politico, and news coverage

Via politicalwire, the WashPost reports that McCain has missed his 5th straight week of votes. 42 votes in a row if anyone's counting. . . and Arizona voters ought to be - cos really, what else are they paying him for?!? Since April 1st, he's only made it to THREE floor votes. This is a preposterously low number. I understand that his campaign is in a tailspin ever since his embarrassingly low fundraising figures came in and that he's fired/moved around senior staff, but here's some free advice:

The reason why no one wants to donate to you is the same reason why Bush has an approval rating below 30% - Americans hate the Iraq War. So your "principled" and unwavering stance in favor of it, and for continuing it, and even kickin' it up a notch - it doesn't move even GOP voters. You abandoned one of your namesake bills on immigration, the McCain-Kennedy bill, so that you could spend all your time politicking, and pirouetting and spinning for GOP base. And they still don't trust you. They don't trust you because you're trying to run Bush's campaign without being Bush. So find your own voice.

Your current trajectory is losing you supporters and voters quicker than any amount of begging and pleading you can do, or any money-tree shaking you can do.

I don't want to admit this because I'm addicted to my fix of political news, but I gotta say that the Politico is a pretty partisan hack journal. It's been said before. Look at the headlines on their front page:
-Obama gets Playboy's vote
-Murtha accused of ethics violation (thte top story - somehow this beats out immigration, gay marriage, etc.) of of respect for our staff people.
-Liberals feel stiffed by new Dem majority
-Dems float weaker-than-expected lobbying bill

I wish it wasn't because they update so frequently, but it's gotta be put out there. I'm going to continue linking to them because they remain a valuable font of info. But as always, be aware of slanted opinions.

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