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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hmong leaders - changing of the guard

Well, I was saddened to learn that Joe Bee Xiong has passed away. Xiong was the first Asian American city councilman in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and he made a respectable run for the State Legislature a few years back in a highly Republican district that was majority white. He was a leader and a community figure, and he played a large role in the Chai Vang case (the Wisconsin hunter.)

On the bright side, Pakou Hang, a sharp young activist who worked for former Sen. Paul Wellstone and current State Senator (and Majority Whip) Mee Moua, is running for St. Paul city council. She's young, talented, and female, and ready to implement new ideas and willing to listen to the voices of the entire community. She's got some of the best, most politically active, most progressive organizations backing her - SEIU, ACORN, Progressive Majority - in addition to Congressman Keith Ellison. She managed to hold off having the DFL (Democrat Farmer Labor) party make any endorsement in the race, but carries the endorsement of the DFL's Feminist and Stonewall caucuses, which is an achievement considering that she's up against an incumbent with over a decade of experience. Here's two articles about her historic campaign. Btw, the other guy is the business candidate - was endorsed by the chamber of commerce. . .

Vote Pakou for change, and while you're at it, throw her some change ;) Cos lord knows $13,000 is not a lot for a political campaign, even if you are a scrappy Wellstone organizer who knows how to hold down costs. But Bryan Thao Worra probably has a more thorough and nuanced on the ground analysis of all of this.

PS: I HATE the new blogger. Google and blogger just went down for 5 minutes, causing me to lose my entire post. At first I thought it was my connection. Damn new blogger.

PPS: Check out the case of this 13 year old Indian American boy from Utah who is headed for the National Spelling Bee. He's an "angry speller" who wants to win so that Bush will pay attention to his parents plight (he's been crying since they were deported over a year ago.) Go Kunal, go!

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