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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hillary's first mistake

Was to take money from people who she's not vetting. Her bigger mistake, by far, was to return all the money ($850,000 worth) to the individuals who had donated it to her. Because this paints ALL of those donors, many of whom are APIAs, are tainted and untrustworthy. Clinton's BIGGEST mistake?

Telling those donors that the campaign would like the money back. On an individual level.

Oh, my God - so TACKY.

If I had donated money to a candidate who did that to me, I would turn around and donate it to their closest competitor, along with notes to both campaigns saying so.

Dear Obama/Edwards,

I am giving you this money because Hillary pissed me off.

P.O.D. (Pissed Off Donor)
And that would be priceless.

All in all, she's run a near flawless campaign. This mars her performance greatly, which is why she had to get out from under the fugitive donor story by introducing Hillarycare vers 2.0.

But that's why she pays her spinmeisters the big bucks.

now i gotta run and finish a project. Work has kept me crazy busy in a good way.


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