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Monday, October 29, 2007

Tidbits: Racism / catism, and Super Mario in Heroes

Lately I am thinking that Lolsecretz is funnier and more interesting than postsecret, its godfather. reasons why? Well, they have this running (totally wrong and yet funny) gag about colorism against cats. Here's another. And another about not wanting the white man's pity.

It makes me laugh because there is so much out there that is wrong and messed up, and it helps to have a fresh perspective. And yes, sometimes postsecret gets too dark. That's why you need this about dating older cats, and this about identity.

(all links are safe for work . . . because they are cats.)

PS: On the media watchdog front, there's a new TV Guide interview with James Kyson Lee, who plays Ando, Hiro Nakamura's best friend and sidekick on my fave TV show Heroes. He's now a show regular as opposed to a guest star! Here's a snippet:
TVGuide.com: You just attended the Asian American Arts Alliance awards; do you think there are enough Asian faces on TV?
We are seeing more, especially on top shows. There's me and Masi and Sendhil [Ramamurthy, who plays Mohinder] on Heroes, the Korean couple [Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim] on Lost, Sandra Oh on Grey's Anatomy. But we still make up a very, very small piece of the pie on TV, less than two percent, which is not a correct representation of the population. It gets a little better each year. My job is to go out there and do the best work that I can do and hopefully open doors for other people as well.
More reason to watch Heroes tomorrow night - 2 talented Asian American male actors. Although if Masi Oka's character does not get to actually kiss a girl soon, regardless of her color, I will be pissed. Remind me why they have Sark from Alias playing Kenzei, and winning the princess? I think I might be the only one who was disappointed that Kenzei didn't die because it meant that Hiro couldn't get the princess. Now he is reduced to playing Luigi to Sark's Mario. Which makes Ando . . . . . Yoshi?!? I hope Hiro goes Wario on Sark's ass.

I wonder if anyone has mapped the powers and characters from Super Mario World onto Heroes and what the coincidence rate is? Yes I am geek, and so can you, in the immortal words of my presidential candidate, Stephen Colbert. (What, you expected a deep pondering of political strategies on a Sunday evening when I'm procrastinating? C'mon!)

Ok, here - NEWSFLASH: Asian Americans who want to teach English in China are discriminated against by Chinese who seek white, blonde, blue-eyed beings to guide them in their mystical quest to English Enlightenment. (Per the LATimes.)

Not really a newsflash to anyone who has ever been to Asia, had friends teaching there, or family taking English classes. I'm not sure why the LAT is on this whole bash the yellow people kick (including the Chinatown donor article.) It's a big misconception of the Chinese the way that white people over here insist on having an Asian person teach them karate, yoga, feng shui, massage, etc. cos it's more "authentic." White people started English, therefore English teacher = white, right?

What a logical fallacy. Perhaps I can create an lolcatz for this with a white cat holding an upside-down grammar book, teaching a class of ginger kittens:

O NOEZ. Mai Engrish teachr iz frum Franz.

I thawt awl whytez culd spellz and teechz good!

(I guess it only makes sense in context, and if you get used to reading the atrociously spelled lolz.)

PS: Why do my backlinks not show up? It's enabled in my template. Plus it's enabled in the radio slot. Better q: why doesn't blogger use trackbacks?!?

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