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Sunday, October 21, 2007


I logged into sitemeter and saw I had a sudden precipitous spike in readership, and I found out it was mostly due to me making Craig Newmark of craigslist's favorite comment about him being on the Colbert Report:

Well, my favorite quote regarding the Colbert thing is from Power and Politics:

[Colbert] had Craig Newmark (craigslist) on, and the nerd on nerd interaction was hot and hilarious.
Thanks Craig, I call it like I see it. One of these days I'm going to get my ass into a live Colbert Report taping.

Now my readership has spiked up, but if history is any judge, readership waxes and wanes, so I'm not going to take all the credit. My sudden burst of creative humor is attributable to major procrastination since I have a big work project that I don't want to touch. And what better way to unwind than with a lil Colbert?

It sounds like a fancy French cheese, and I am sure that one day the man will have not just an American eagle (Stephen Jr), dangerously addictive Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and a Virgin Air plane named after him, but that he will have some ridiculously tasty, super-premium triple-cream cheese named after him. Perhaps it will join the President line of cheese?

I expect it will taste something like port salut but with a red, white, and blue rind. Damn, now I'm hungry. Off to the grocery store.

PS: Obviously, if Colbert were an American cheese (and he's totally all-American), he would be a sharp cheddar with significant bite.



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