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Friday, October 19, 2007

Colbert '08

If only I lived in South Carolina, I would vote for Stephen Colbert for president. As it is, I am pleased to announce my full-hearted support for Colbert for president. He has the gravitas, the single-minded determination to make it happen and to turn this country around.

Yesterday's Colbert Report was CRAZY HILARIOUS - as host/candidate, he totally ripped up Doritos' endorsement of his candidacy - and boy did he cross the line!

Plus he had Craig Newmark (craigslist) on, and the nerd on nerd interaction was hot and hilarious.

I am sooooo jealous of donorschoose.org - they got mad hyped by Colbert. I can bet that their straw poll is not the only poll that Colbert wins though.

And grumpy old DC insiders say that Colbert risks breaking election law - Kenneth Vogel
of the Politico grouses that colbert is crossing major lines as TV host and candidate, and that they may face large FEC fines.

God, colbert is brilliant skewering Thompson, Arnold, etc and the whole pagentry of political weaseling and campaigning in this fashion. I am so jealous of his writers - they are really transforming American politics by revealing it to be the dog and pony show, smoke and mirrors high school beauty pageant, replete with bitter sniping and partisan figurative tripping other candidates as they stalk their way down the catwalk.

Soon I will follow up with my press release in support of a fictitious character's fictitious campaign for a position that is currently occupied by a war criminal. But like any good flack, I'm going to announce this on Monday, instead of throwing it out with the trash. This is just my unprecedented announcement that I will announce my declaration of support. Boo-ya!

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