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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Overly privileged Yale APA student sounds like a preppy Kenneth Eng

Less mentally deranged, but his ideas have about as much merit. Yalie Xiaochen Su '10 is angling for a job as the next male Michelle Malkin with his recent op-ed in the Yale Daily News, which stirred mega-controversy: U.S. cannibalizes itself by enabling immigrants, poor

Here are some choice fragments:

Second, the population growth is concentrated in the poorer segment of the society. Statistics show that majority of U.S. population growth comes from immigration and high birth rate among the minorities, while the native Caucasian population is stabilizing. Notwithstanding exceptions, larger numbers of minorities are ill-educated, have less desirable jobs, and thus are less capable to financially sustain their livelihoods.

In fact, many more minorities depend on government welfare and low-income assistance than whites. Over time, jobs that require less skill will continue to decrease, being outsourced to developing countries with lower labor costs, and the percentage of minorities in the U.S. population will increase, forcing the government to spend much more to evade riots by poor, hungry, unemployed minorities.

Well, Jonathan Swift he ain't. Oh, holdup --

To counter the problem of high population growth that has led to the unsustainable population size, financial measures can be undertaken against high birth rates and immigration. The government should not only eliminate the concept of “child tax credit” on tax returns but also create a child tax.

With addition of each new child, a family should be levied a limited amount of money in annual tax. A well-publicized child tax can restrict population growth of the lower-class who cannot afford to pay the new tax, while only lightly affecting the middle- and upper-class, who can easily pay the tax if they want children. If the child tax is not enough to lower the growth of the lower-class significantly, the welfare programs should be cut back and the cost of children’s necessities, such as infants’ formula and college education, should be raised in price. Such actions by the government can also increase income and decrease the spending, partially alleviating the problems of deficit spending.

OK, lemme get this straight - we shouldn't feed the poor and hungry or help them get jobs because, let's face, it that only creates more poor and hungry people, and more poor and hungry people who are dark skinned, who want to come here. and according to the US census, it's primarily white women who are on welfare, and white kids.

But let's just throw some more fuel on that fire, and add in a proposal to indirectly starve poor families and kids (especially the dark ones) by decreasing government assistance and increasing the cost of baby food. But we'll call it a child tax, as opposed to "killing the kids."

I just don't know how much more self-hating you can get. And at such a young age.
Jeez, it doesn't help that people already think that China is a barbaric country because of the one-child policy, you just have to help the United States have similarly crazy and ineffectual laws.

Xiaochen, you make yellow look bad like Britney on film. This article isn't going to get you your dream internship at the Heritage Institute (ok, maybe it will) but semi-artful language doesn't disguise your bigotry.

Oh yeah, in case anyone questions the kid's intent - ivygate has this photo from his facebook. In case you can't see the tiny text, it says "Can't hate everything." It's an ad for chopstix.

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