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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

AMA = emperor with no clothes

Or at least that's what the American Medical Association's rhetoric resembles. As hsuperpolitical points out, and as I say to my friends who are somehow unbelievably still members, the AMA is nothing but a hack organization that primarily contributes to Republicans (80% of all PAC donations last time I checked.) And now they want to jump on the health care reform bandwagon now that polling finds that voters are in favor of universal healthcare or anything that will put an end to the hair-splitting mess that passes for health care in this country.

They're also the group that helped derail universal health care from ever emerging back when we didn't have a health care system that we could even call broken. They're the root of the crazy, fucked up piecemeal "insurance" plan that most Americans are "lucky" to have, with a per procedure Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement fee going to different specialties.

Basically, the only reason why the AMA is even at the same table with Families USA is much the reason that Pfizer is -- they see the train coming, and they wanted to get on board, and off of the tracks. They want to muddy up the waters as much as they can so that there's no clear vision toward reforming our system. smart but evil. Like any good impediment to change.

C'mon, we just gotta keep on lloppping off the heads.



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