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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Obama's NYC Chair is APIA

Lawyer Terrance Yang, but unfortunately this dude is SO not media-ready. He totally has the deer-caught-in-the-headlights look, and yet he could be like a cute nerdy Clark Kent - he's already got the glasses.

Dude also speaks like a robot. "I . . . am happy he's . . . running . . . for president, . . . and I know . .. that he's . . . the real deal." Plus he gives reasons like, "My friends support him and I went to school with him, so because my friends vouch for him, I know he's a good guy. . . I think he can be president because he has raised the most money. Plus he was on Harvard Law Review and i wasn't so he is obviously the right guy to lead the country."

This is the guy who heads up his NY committee, and is hosting a happening party at Jay Z's club tonight? Way to feature the least passionate guy you could find. Whoooo hooo!

Also, please don't confirm these terrible stereotypes of lawyers and of Asian American men by being so friggin awkward and nervous and geeky. You're a political activist, now show some excitement about your candidate - you sound like you're discussing taxes.

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