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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy belated birthday to me

Or rather this blog. I realized I forgot to wish myself that, in the midst of election excitement and work and other things.

I recently changed the sidebar to include a Most Favorite and Most Popular posts guide. A quick and dirty if you will of both pieces that get read and linked to frequently, and also my own favorite writings.

I should be making some more changes sooner or later, as long as I don't break this fragile system. Also I'm thinking of switching to tumblr because of it's clean layout. But then I would have to figure out how to migrate over, which is more than my feeble mind can take. I guess you go to blog with the blog you've got, not the blog you wish you had? (to poorly paraphrase the ineffable Rumsfeld.)

Tumble me this, tumble me that . . . I'll stop now while I'm ahead and just say that I should have reminded myself of my blogiversary. Next year to make up for it, I'm going to have a real big production. It might involve watching some crazy youtube video while hoisting a glass.

OH! Almost forgot - Colbert and Stewart are back on! NYMag has a good liveblog of both Stewart and Colbert. Yay, this is a good blogiversary treat.



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