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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Huckabee: I'm just a Normal Guy who Lost 160 Lbs, Jams with Jay Leno

Yeah, this is way better than spending $150,000 on an attack ad that was never shown except to the 400 Club. Plus he endorses Barack Obama as the kind of guy who is not a "horizontal" politician after talking about how "pimps, ho's and drug dealers" would all have to pay under his "flat tax" system. These are NOT suitable things for a Governor and preacher to be thinking, much less talking about. Especially with a glint in your eye. How much of the Dick Morris magic touch is really rubbing off on you?

Damn, I can't find a suitable embed link. Just click here on gawker. And watch it - he is really good at disarming critics.


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