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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tidbits, New Year's Style

Jenn over at reappropriate calls out 80-20, reaching a frustration level with "the pedantic ramblings of 80/20" that I am all too familiar with. I wrote them off a long time ago. They are still trying to futilely organize without a good strategy or a ground game, and they still very much reflect an older generation's sensibilities when it comes to the internets, this series of tubes. Which is to say, mostly well-meaning and mostly clueless.

Fred Thompson may drop out . . . before voters ever really realized he was in. Fred, it's not a game of Hokey Pokey - you don't just stick your right foot in and then take it out and then shake it all about. Although that would probably be more effort than you have put in all along...

Fickle-ass Iowa voters. Goddamn, this is who gets to decide our next president? I'd rather have it done American Idol style. From

Plus Ben Smith assesses the damage of the netroots' support for Edwards and backing away from Obama. (This results from a heated and orchestrated courting of the netroots by the Edwards folks, and a less full-throated effort by the Obama folks, and well, Hillary's camp hasn't even really tried to go there. Also, I would disagree that it's the Krugman camp - the blogosphere might like what Krugman writes, but it's an entirely different beast than the MSM even if there are different classes of bloggers.)

FOX bans Ron Paul, the GOP money front-runner (having pulled in an impressive $20 Million this quarter - as much as Hillary) from the New Hampshire debates. More reasons to hate FOX - first, it will make the Paultards believe their savior to be even more or a martyr, and second, that's a kneecapping that would do Tanya Harding proud. Americablog asks if they are trying to save/protect Republicans from an eventual 3rd party candidacy a la Perot, and it's a very valid question. I mean, I always thought that FOX was more of a capitalist institution (every man for every dollar) as opposed to a Murdoch dictatorship. But apparently the authoritarian strain runs deeper.

Speaking of 3rd party candidates, Nader tells his folks to vote for Edwards as a second choice and Kucinich tells his peeps to second choice Obama. And then every one plays a round of duck duck goose and "What has I got in my pocketses?"Plus, I am not sure that Kucinich resembles Rumplestiltskin more than, say Gollum.

And with that, I am out until tomorrow, when I'll be doing some real time analysis of what HappySlip's parents might ask if they got political, "So, ahhh, what is dis, dis cactus thing? Why do folks vote in a cac-tus?"

For levity, here's my fave HappySlip vid, Peelings, and remember we are all in this NOT to "stop beating the Bush":

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