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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our Dem candidates as Christmas Past, Present and Future

Since I seem to be on a holiday theme, I thought I would do a quick critique of the Season's Greetings videos that the Clinton, Edwards and Obama campaigns put out. Hat tip to Politico.

The Ghost of Christmas Past
Why is Hillary's "Presents" ad so lame? Is it the psuedo-warm lighting, her flickering pasted on smile? At first I thought this was a literal Hallmark commercial form the 1980s, complete with cheesey music and flickering cheapo plastic ornaments that retail for way to much - schmaltzy and slightly forced emotion packaged as consumerist trap.

I mean, it's like something my 5th grade niece would have thought up. C'mon folks - and you wonder why you're falling behind in the polls? and how much did she pay her media advisor to come up with this crap?!? There are amateurs on youtube who do a better job of tearing her apart.

This ad just screams, "I'm Queen Hillary, and we are not amused." However, we do handout government plans like christmas presents - you get a house! And you get some pre-K education. And you, over yonder, you get . . . bored to tears.

Finally, her closing voiceover of the legally required "I'm X and I approve this message" made her sound even more distorted and robotic than previously considered possible. I can't believe she's recycling this stale idea from my grandma's dusty attic.

In fact, I'd say that her awkward handling of portraying Americans' main policy concerns as mere gifts both trivializes these weighty issues (c'mon, a present with a tag that reads "bring the troops home"?!?!?) and makes her look supercilious as she slips these papers bearing our burning issues under the ribbons.

The Ghost of Christmas Present
In contrast, John Edwards is not the Mr. Sunlight that he used to be - instead, the grim and bleak years without presidential wisdom and guidance have turned our country into the economic shambles it is today. They have also made him a changed man, or at least a changed campaigner - he speaks much more forcefully in terms of moral certitude and absoluteness.

We are at a time of weighty decision-making, but we can turn things around. We can improve America for those who haven't been heard, for the Tiny Tims and the families gathered around a bare table.

It's a serious and somber video, not intensely lit but rather darkly lit, as if he were warning us of the dangers. His Christmas wishes are full of the substantial policy needs and root causes that Hillary's just glosses over.

Currently we do live in a divided America, which brings me to our third candidate. . .

The Ghost of Christmas Future
The wonderboy. The warm flame-lit room bounces love and cheer off its walls, and the family portrait setting is intimate, traditionally set. simple, plain, and to the point. Slightly hokey and gimmicky with the kids chiming in, but what I am most struck by is this radically different version of what a White House fmaily could look like - biracial and proud.

This video says, "it's not too late to turn it all around - we can be united, stronger together with our many voices, than if you were alone. so come on in from the cold."

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  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger Mia T said…

    Interesting take on hillary.

    Here's mine:

    hillary's REAL presents

    YouTube Honors:
    #10 - Top Favorites (Today) - News & Politics
    #80 - Top Favorites (This Week) - News & Politics
    #32 - Top Rated (Today) - News & Politics

    It's a remix of hillary's 'Presents' ad, (clinton vote-buying--on OUR dime!--wrapped in Christmas cheer)... and a warning for anyone actually contemplating voting for this defective.


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