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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Writers Strike Comedy Gold

So as a devout consumer of television, I am very depressed that there is no new good tv programming apart from Reality TV. And as much as I love my Top Chef and Project Runway, I crave and need Heroes, Grey's and Ugly Betty. Not to mention the IV drip straight into my brain of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. (Sorry about South Carolina, better luck next time!)

I mean, come on. I can't get through the holidays and family drama without having my TV to tune out to!!! I know I make fun of Americans who do just turn on and tune out, but please don't deprive me. Santa, all I want is my pop culture fix. Please?!?

But the one bright shining silver lining to this whole mess? The writers of all my favorite shows have gone gangbusters on youtube, creating hilarious hits like The Office is Closed, WGA Strike Rally Day 5 (for fans of Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy and American Dad), and Not the Daily Show. All these videos lampooning the evil and greedy studio moguls. Plus the hilarious spoof of the movie moguls' website, www.amptp.org. It is pretty spot on down to the logo and the FAQ.

So the writers are at last able to strike comedic gold on many counts. Just sucks for you, media mogul, that it's all directed at you. But then you decided to mess with the most creative minds in America, who have no shame mocking you for all you're worth (which is probably a cool billion combined.)

Give em what they want - which is a fair deal. Even the quality of your advertisements is starting to suck cos no companies are willing to pay eye-gouging prices for no viewers. I can only stomach so many repeated Taco Bell commercials. At this rate, the ads are gonna make me puke before their food does. (Since I would never eat there anyway.)

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