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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Cleaned up some dead links, and added A VC. And then Cat and Girl and I Can Has Cheezburger? because well, I need the funnies. Added Jezebel, mostly because Moe's cynical, hipper than thou, chiding, whipsmart, crackling prose reminds me of Wonkette Emeritus before she cleaned up and fed herself to the dogs of American Media.

Don't believe me? Read Moe's take on working at American Apparel.

This also led to realization that my blogroll has 3 Nick Denton sites. It's like the Gawker empire was MTV back in the good old days. Ie, all over my life. But I gotta say, for someone who has been in flight hell, and for those of you who are going to be in flight hell, Consumerist gets you through it. For those of you braving the unfriendly skies this holiday season, it's worth a gander.

Am pigging out on homemade pancit. It is damn delicious. Holiday pounds melt away in the new year like so many resolutions, right?

Update: Was digging through and apparently I am linked and quoted in something called Debatepedia, on the question of:

Securing border?: Will a 700-mile fence help stop illegal immigration?

What's surreal is that I'm linked to under the YES column. It quotes mostly a list of surprising Democrats who voted for building a 700 mile fence between the US and Mexico.

I think Debatepedia is an interesting project, but I also think it should be evident to anyone who read that blog post that I am pro-immigrant, hence the scorn for Democrats who voted yes, but didn't have to, including called Feinstein and Boxer "a disappointment" and chiding them to "Grow a spine!"

So I guess I'm glad that this resource exists, but folks, please check your facts and sources better. I'm hardly on the anti-immigrant side.



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