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Friday, December 28, 2007

Need. Good. Stories. . . NOW!!!

Oh man, I am in Stephen Colbert withdrawal (and Heroes withdrawal, and Jon Stewart withdrawal, and, and and...)

I am sure the folks who aren't working and haven't been working for the past 2 months are hurting. But so am I. I can't believe the crap that they currently have out on tv. Yes, Carrie Ann is Asian American, and probably a really good dancer. But my support of Asian America does not extend to watching "BRUNO vs CARRIE ANN" as they lead two handpicked teams in their quest to win in a dance competition.

Just the fact that I know this much about the show is sad and pathetic.

I NEED. Good. Stories. NOW!!!!

I need my tv fix to distract me from all the shit that's going on in the world, in our country, from the daily struggles, from the craziness. I can't wait for Top Chef to start again, but it ain't enough. I need more tv sedation. I admit it freely. I am a Colbert junkie.

I'm addicted to the mass produced storylines, the sometimes unbelieveably good music, and sometimes really cheesy doo wop. I'm addicted to Christina Yang (well, less so now that the Burke-Christina storyline fell apart.) I need more Masi Oka.

In fact, I've noticed an inverse relationship with the amount of quality tv programming and my movie watching in the theatres. I wonder if this was intentional, that the movie moguls decided to starve their audience from one thing so that they could fatten up the other beast, aka cinema.

I can't help but fork over $10 a pop for the chance to suspend my disbelief and to buy into a whole other story or life or world, even. This one's kinda crappy and falling apart. It's on it's way to being as chewed up as my friend Fred's favorite loafers.

I can't help paying for big screen entertainment because the lack of good shows and stories at home is driving me crazy. Big time. I even resorted to watching the crappy NBC show "quarterlife" which is 60 minutes long. I didn't like it but I HAD NOTHING ELSE.

Am I going to start appreciating the days that Dancing with the Stars is on?!??!?! Because that will be the highlight of tv programming?!?! Please not that kind of hell.

I think a positive side effect is that voters might actually pay more attention to what is going on in daily life, and care more about this presidential election, and maybe even get involved in changing things in their neighborhoods. And that would be fantastic, and one can always dream. There's nothing more that I could want.

Except for maybe a quick fix of Heroes.




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