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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wheelin' and Dealin'

Lots of secretive deals all around.

Apparently, there was not only a caucus deal between Obama and Kucinich, but one between him and Richardson (!!!) who had seemed to be the most kiss-ass of all the candidates toward a Hillary campaign. There was also one between Obama and Biden, and I wouldn't be surprised if Obama's quick defense of him during the last Iowa Democratic debate paved the road for that.

So now Dodd and Biden have chosen to fall by the wayside, conceding not just Iowa but also the presidential campaign. What most surprises me is the Richardson deal because he was Bill Clinton's Secretary of Energy, and always seemed as though he was campaigning for Hillary's veep position. But firsthand reports say that Richardson supporters (at least in one precinct) who couldn't get quota for their man moved en masse for Obama.

Boilerplate denials from both Biden and Richardson camps, and apparently Biden did it to try to beat Richardson.



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