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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Obama gets big ups in Nevada

So Obama got the endorsement of the Culinary Workers Union in Nevada and of its parent union UNITE HERE. This is a MAJOR blow to Edwards' campaign since one of his senior advisors was the former chief of staff for UNITE HERE. Perhaps even the close to knockout blow. It has to be hard for someone like him whose father was a mill worker and who represented many textile workers in North Carolina, and who stands up for the middle class.

The CWU has 60,000 members in Nevada, and in a state that's never held a caucus or a prime position in the primary calendar, that level of organizational breadth and depth is going to come in huge.

And UNITE HERE is one of the most progressive unions out there.

Still, Obama is going to have to overcome a well entrenched campaign structure on the Camp Hillary side which is being run by Senator Harry Reid's son.

Next up: Fantasy Democratic Administration

PS: Hello to my Department of Defense / Armed Forces readers. Perhaps even more unexpected than the visit by Burston Marseller, but probably more welcome.



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