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Monday, January 21, 2008

Swiftboating: McCain gets shat on

Readers of this site will know that I do not love John McCain, especially not his "gook" comments or his disavowal of the immigrant rights movement. But I do think that even for Republicans, the other side has sunk to some new lows.

Someone put out new ads by the "Vietnam Veterans against John McCain" alleging that he abandoned Vietnam Vets.

OUCH! Talk about kneecapping and political jiu jitsu - this is what happened to John Kerry in 04, almost exactly. Shadowy GOP opponents take one the the candidate's main strength (valor in military service) and turn it around on them. Especially one who purposefully did NOT accept offers to leave imprisonment and confinement early due to his status. Instead, he wound up staying a few years extra in prison, being tortured.

I mean, OUCH! Look at me defending McCain!

So who do I think is behind it? Some Romney funders, most likely, since Huckabee doesn't have the money for this, and is more likely to hit McCain on Christianity and liberalism. Additionally, he seems to go out of his way to praise McCain and shares some slightly less crazy views on certain social issues. Also, Romney has shitloads of cash, and would benefit the most. I would be surprised if Giuliani's folks put this out, because it's so evil and strategic, and well . . . his campaign has shown a remarkable lack of strategy (who came up with the let's wait to battle it out after 5 states and 5 weeks of media time have gone by?!?!) Also, how much does it hurt that Giuliani is running behind McCain in his home state of NY?

It sure seems like McCain just can't catch a break from his own party - first being accused of having a "tar baby", a black lovechild by the Bushies in 00 in S Carolina, when really he has an adopted Bangladeshi daughter (but we all look the same right??!!?)

Unless, you are really an evil genius, and McCain's people did this to himself to 1) boost his standing in the general election - remember, McCain has spent most of his time running as an incumbent this time around (can't say that's worked great for him since his 00 appeal was his maverick willingness to speak the truth.) anyway, if he can hit back strong, and the vets go away, it only highlights his military experience and makes people feel bad for him (sympathy vote.) Oh wait, that only works with liberals like me in the general election. anyways, it's probably registered as a 527 so we can't get to the bottom of who the funders are really, since it takes advantage of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform laws.



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