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Monday, January 21, 2008

Rep. Clyburn: Bill needs "to chill"

I am liveblogging his appearance just now on CNN Situation Room.

Rep. Clyburn, a senior leader in the party, says that he is afraid that GOP will use Clinton's talking points and that it will suppress and depress the minority vote. Same point I have been making for a while.

Also says that what Barack Obama said about Reagan being a "transformational president" "made him cringe", "to what extent you praise Ronald Reagan, make very sure you don't cross the line and praise his policies. It's one thing to praise his personality, but his policies were very bad for African Americans. . . Reagan WAS a transformational leader, but the problem is what way it was transformational. His policies were very bad for African Americans."

Smart man.

"History is a great predictor of the future, and we always have to stay vigilant to not allow history to repeat itself. So we have to make very sure as a Democratic party. . . a lot of the differences in [Carter's campaign] is that African America voters stayed away in droves, and they did it because they were depressed and disenfranchised"



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