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Friday, January 11, 2008

For the political geeks, Nevada

Here's a handy wiki guide to who's supporting who in Congress on the presidential race (this factors into delegate count.) As you can see, there's not that many names left blank.

Also, Hillary plays hardball with Obama and the Culinary Workers Union by outflanking them and stealing supporters from within, all on live TV. Hillary never had a chance of winning Culinary's endorsement, so she apparently feels free to kneecap. Pretty deft move on her part, but even ballsier for the State Rep who escorted her around to his supporters' homes. Because once Hillary leaves, the guy is in for a world of hurt back home.

A day after the 60,000-member Culinary Union endorsed Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for president, Clinton walked a northeast Las Vegas neighborhood heavy with Culinary workers and won the support of several.

Her campaign’s message: the endorsement means nothing and Culinary members should follow their conscience and not the order of union Secretary-Treasurer D. Taylor.

It was a political kick in the shins to Obama and the union, all delivered with the New York senator’s trademark wide grin.

. . . Clinton’s walk through the neighborhood wasn’t exactly a spontaneous stroll. The homes Clinton visited were the same ones that Kihuen canvassed with a Sun reporter last month, which seemed to undercut any claim to authenticity.

Many of the neighborhood residents either weren’t citizens or weren’t registered.

Clinton must have been a bit baffled, for instance, when Kihuen took her to visit Esperanza Solorio, who’s not a citizen. Kihuen explained her importance: She is a community activist who can move voters.

I'm assuming he's placed himself under Hill's protection and is betting big that she wins, because you do not want Culinary after you. This is Vegas folks, and odds are high, but the punishments can be even more severe. If Hillary wins, it means he has good chances of going up the ranks, and if now, well, I'm pretty sure Culinary will take him out in the next election. Hell, he still stands a chance of being defeated.

Besides, she spoke with a few voters, so this is mostly a symbolic gesture, a giant "F-you" to Obama and the union. At the end of the day, Culinary produces results and has immense loyalty form its membership of 60,000. It was definitely a shrewd move, but very ballsy. Expect the national union to come out hard against Hillary, real soon.



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