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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mark lives in IKEA, and why I still support Colbert for President

Mark is a typical New York City yuppie/cheapskate who decided to see if he couldn't live in IKEA for a week while doing some apartment renovations.

OMG, watching this video, I thought, that guy could pass for the younger son of Stephen Colbert. He looks so much like him. He even talks and acts like him. He's got the deadpan down, and some of the affectations, the jawline.

Then I read his about. HE WORKS FOR STEPHEN COLBERT!!!!! ARRRRGH, my dream job. So I guess the Colbert tribute is intentional. Plus he gets free rent for a week and some very cushy digs.

So jealous. Of the idea, of the bed, of the IKEA setup, of the JOB!!!!

Also, OF COURSE IKEA agreed - they are a hipper image conscious company, and Mark is in their ideal target demographic of shoppers - young, college educated, urban - this is massive free publicity for them. When I say hipper, I mean smarter at knowing what is good press. Turning him down (esp since he works for Colbert Report) could have been really bad press about how IKEA forced him to be homeless during the writers' strike. IKEA is definitely edgier than most with its advertising, so this fits right in.

Lastly, aren't you tehnically re-employed again since Colbert is back on TV? You need to get your lazy, hobo bum ass out of IKEA and back into work. Work being a figurative term, since I would pay to work at the Colbert Report. Man, those writers must be bummed that they don't get to bask in the creative glory of Stephen. Wait, you mean to tell me that they are the ones who put words in his mouth??!!?!?

Noooo, I won't stand for it. I mean, I won't fall for it. Well, I declare that I will neither stand nor fall for it. I will sit for it.

Because Stephen should have been the one to be running for president right now. He's the man with the smarts and the guts and the experience. And the change. He has a lot of loose change. Nevermind being the first black president or the first lady president. He's the first impostor president.

Oh, wait . . .

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