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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Darwin Award

An idiot walks into a store, and decides to shoplift $300 worth of knives. On his way out, he trips and impales himself . . . because he had been hiding them in his waistband.

I think this qualifies for Darwin Award of the Year - Petty larceny category. Why don't they have a Darwin Awards show? It would be so much better than the Grammys.

And in more stupidity, TSA detained a 5 year old as a national security risk because he had the same name as someone on the no fly zone. When his mom went to go comfort him, she was told not to touch him again because he was a security risk. Then they re-frisked her for any possible weapons that he might have passed to her in the process.

Airport Security Follies indeed.

This is the kinda stuff we need colbert and Stewart for!


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