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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fantasy Democratic Administration

Ok, so regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination, I think we're going to have a Democratic president come November 2008.

So indulge me as I engage in some fantasy Democratic administration, and feel free to play along:

Vice President - Jim Webb.
What can I say except that this former military man's rebuttal to Bush's painful ineloquent State of the Union was classy, sassy, and even poetic. As a highly decorated former Secretary of the Navy (and a former Republican), Webb provides the testosterone, cojones, and necessary military experience to support any of the 2 front runners. He makes women swoon, and owns the admiration of most men. Plus he puts Virginia into play as a purple state.
Question is, would he want to give up senior senator status (John Warner is retiring)? Good match for Hil as a former Republican, and would make a photogenic veep for Obama. Also comes NRA-approved.

Bonus: has a Vietnamese American wife and hapa kids. It would be the first time we had APIAs in the (close to) First Family. Maybe they are the Second Family? (Yes, I know Al Gore now has an Asian American son-in-law, but he is no longer in office.) Plus, we would know that an Indian American helped launch his career - thanks, Macaca!

Sec of State - Joe. . . Biden? Naw, just kidding. Biden has a wealth of foreign policy experience but his off the cuff remarks about all Indians working in 7-11s and Obama being so fresh, so clean, it isn't going to be good in a hostage setting. So Richardson? Again, his tendency to paw women is not going to get us very far with countries which have female executives.

Bill Clinton - has massive charm and intellect. Downside: probably unwilling to do it.

Attorney General - Eliot Spitzer
New York's governor made his name as a tough talking, white-crime punishing attorney general who wasn't afraid to take on Wall Street and to fight for the little guy. Once caricatured as a pointy-jawed Superman, he took a hit on the drivers licenses issue, and has been plagued by a few shenanigans. But at the end of the day, he's as smart and as sharp as they come. He'll take on the banks and the mortgage lenders and fix our mortgage meltdown.

Sec of Treasury - Mike Bloomberg
Don't freak out. Bloomberg is a former Democrat-turned Republican-turned Independent (and what is it with Republicans who leave the flock, are they too sheepish to just become straight up Democrats?!? Why is it when Democrats leave, they go become Republicans (straight to hell, don't skip limbo)?) At any rate, Bloomberg is an immensely capable and smart man who runs his own media empire. This is somewhat troublesome, but he is capable and smart, and well, this administration has seen a Grand Canyon-full of stupid incompetence. We could do with some smarts.

Sec of Labor - John Edwards
A stand up guy who cares deeply about the have nots, Edwards has made his campaign all about the state of labor in this country. His strong economic populism makes him a real fighter, and his trial attorney experience should serve him well.

Sec of Education - Wendy Kopp
I think that there are a lot of flaws with Teach for America's model. But she has been willing to think big, and has kicked off a whole movement of getting young and old professionals form other professions into teaching.

Sec of Environment - Bobby Kennedy
This passionate environmental advocate is a tireless crusader for all things green. Plus he has an impeccable pedigree and

Health and Human Services - Dr. Jim Kim
Partner at Partners in Health, the organization he co-founded with Paul Farmer. Received a MacArthur "genius" grant, and a former director of the World Health Organization's AIDS/HIV unit. Model minority who gives back.

Oh yeah, and let's throw in - Dick Durbin for Majority Leader.


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