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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tidbits: Thompson out, APIA history and the state of the race

Thompson bows out, as lazy as he stepped in, assured that the GOP base was looking to him to be their savior without him having to lift a finger. Man, at least Huckabee works hard for it, even if his campaign lacks the moola. Well, the good news is that the GOP base seems as lackadaisical as Thompson. Which means that we still stand a strong chance of winning, Democratic teardown or not.

Also Edwards (and his staff) have Clintonites and Obamaniacs courting them.

As the candidates waited, one Edwards staffer was approached first by Clinton's campaign and then later by Obama's campaign, looking to gauge the staffer's interest in joining up at some point in the near future. The staffer was both flattered and offended by the audacity of the approaches.

But there is more than talk at the staff level. Over the weekend, Edwards had conversations with both Clinton and Obama. Aides to the candidates will not describe the content of the calls and there is some confusion about who initiated them. One report has Edwards calling Clinton to congratulate her on her after her victory in Nevada. The fact that the calls took place at all highlights the fluidity of the Democratic race at this point and the likelihood that both Clinton and Obama are vitally interested in Edwards's future.

Of course, this follows a keenly-observed Edwards-Hillary talk. But of course Edwards is more ideologically similar to Obama in terms of wanting change in national and Democratic politics.

On the endorsements front, Hillary picked up Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, which makes a lot of sense since he has centrist policies. Obama is seeking Sebelius, Democratic Governor of red, red Kansas which is slowly bleeding purple.

Also, I thought this was pretty cool - Fairfax County in Virginia is doing a county-wide Asian American history project:

History Project Highlights Asian American Residents

Asian Americans and others interested in a countywide Asian American history project sponsored by Supervisor Sharon S. Bulova are invited to attend a meeting at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in Braddock Hall, 9002 Burke Lake Rd., Burke.

The project aims to tell the story of Asian Americans who have made Fairfax County their home. Members of Asian American groups are asked to help record experiences.

The meeting will include presentations on Asian immigration to the county and how similar history projects are organized.

For information on the project, contact Cora Foley at 703-250-1830, TTY 711, or corazonfoley@fanhs-nova.org. For information about the meeting, contact Christina Fullmer at 703-425-9300, TTY 711, or christina.fullmer@fairfaxcounty.gov.


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