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Friday, February 29, 2008

Constantly Lost

Well, I have to give it to J J Abrams. I used to be a huge Alias fantatic, and then then show went downhill when he had other tv shows, unable to juggle managing so many plus What About Brian?

So I didn't watch Lost for the longest time. But the writers strike and what not, and well, "The Constant" is one of the best episodes I've seen in half a year or more. Possibly this entire year.

It's a love story folks, and it nearly had me tearing up. It's better than the last episode of season 3.

So far this season, I would say that J J is constantly finding his niche.

Maybe he just needs an enddate in sight to wrap up his storylines. I'm impressed because he's also working on the new Star Trek, which I hear with have George Takei (original Sulu) in it. Exciting!

(Yes, I watched the finale of Alias. No I didn't think it was a fitting end.)


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