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Monday, February 25, 2008

SNL gone right

Last post I talked about the horrible awkwardness of Saturday Night Live gone wrong. Now I want to contrast that to when it gets it right, so right:

There will be milkshakes for old men

This parodies a smooth blend (ooh, would like be like a milkshake?) of There will be blood AND No Country for old Men. The impersonation of Daniel Day Lewis as Daniel Plainview is spot-on, the intonation is right, and the affect, as well as the delivery of the lines. Too funny was when he ACTUALLY drank the customer's milkshake using an extra long straw (ahh, the bounty of props!)

Also, here's a fun mashup of the movie and Kelis' notorious Milkshake song courtesy of random youtuber:
There will be Milkshakes.

I previously discussed how Obama drank Hillary's milkshake in terms of voter turnout on Super Tuesday and linked in Kelis. (Yes, I am proud of my political pop culture potpourri . . . or milkshake!)


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