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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama takes Wisconsin

CNN calls it for Obama with 1% reporting!

Clinton's speech is full of AFSCME green, and she's talking about healthcare reform and also foreclosure crisis. Damn, she's stealing talking points straight from John Edwards - "we're going to give the middle class a break instead" - I would have NEVER thought Hillary would go so anti-corporate.

They cut from her to Obama's Wisconsin victory speech which is being held in Houston. 9 straight states, day-mn. He gives props to Reps. Al Green, Eddie Bernice-Johnson and Chet Edwards. Props to faith leaders and their circle of prayer, and union support like SEIU, UFCW, and Transport Workers.

Early voting - smart to address right off the bat - Clinton's campaign is going after early voting like mad. He's locking in the votes now. He's making an organizer's ask - also saying that they have to attend the caucus at 7pm to get more delegates. SMART SMART SMART man.

He is going through the process like your average canvassers, saying, don't go alone to the polls - bring your friends and family. Now he launches into his speech.

Talking about civic pride in Wisconsin and how when you go vote, it's 5 degrees outside.

"THe change we seek is still months and miles away, and we need the good people of Texas to help us get there. We will need you to fight for every delegate it takes to win this nomination. And if we win this nomination, if we are blessed to win this nomination, then we will need your help to win this election in November. And if we win this election in november, then we will need you time, help, energy, enthusiasm, voices, to help us change America over the next four years. Understand this Houston, as exciting and as wonderful as this crowd and the energy is, it is not easy and it will not happen overnight. it's going to take more than big rallies,m more than big speeches, more than policy papers and positions and websites. It is going to require something more. Because the problem we face here in America today is not the lack of good ideas, it is that Washington becomes a place where good ideas go to die. Because lobbyists crush them with their money and influence because politicians spend too much time trying to score political points and not enough time trying to resolve their differences so we can get something done.

The problem is we haven't had leaders who can inspire American people to rally behind a common purpose and a greater purpose. . . We're here because we still believe that change is possible. We're here because we know we've never needed it more than we do right now. We're here because there are workers in Youngstown Ohio who've watched job and job disappear because of bad trade deals like NAFTA. Who have worked here for 20 years and then see the machines literally unbolted from the floor. . . We're here because of the mother I met in San antonio just this afternoon, who has 2 year old twins who are blind . . . she needed us to crack down on predatory lenders. she needs change today.

We're here because of the mother who I met in Green Bay Wisconsin, who gave me the bracelet that I'm wearing . . . A year ago, I stood on the steps of the old state capitol in Springfield Illinois and I announced this improbable journey to change America, and there are those who said, why are you running so soon, why are you running this time. And I had to explain to them that I'm not running because of any longheld ambition, I know some people have been digging through my kindergarten papers [ouch!]

I'm not running because I think it's somehow owed to me, I'm running because of Dr. King called the fierce urgency of now. Because there is such a thing as being too late, and that hour is now upon us. we are at a defining moment in our history, our nation is at war, our country is at peril, .

health care reform - Obama doesn't just say that he feels our pain, he demonstrates it through his language.

One year ago when I made the decision to run, it was based on the belief that people had grown weary of a politics that was based on spin and pr, they wanted a politics that was based on honesty. I was convinced most of all that change in America does not happen from the top down, it happens from the bottom up. some of you know that I used to work as a community organizer to bring economic development

It was the best education that I ever had because it taught me that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when given the opportunity. [weird voice talking over him, "..are you becoming Jewish?!?!?" or something like that - This is exactly what I feel about community organizing.]

If we could join together to challenge the special interests in washington, but also to challenge ourselves, to be better citizens, to be better neighbors.

WOW, just looked at the vote count - so far with 18 % reporting, Dem turnout has outpaced Republican by 3 times. in TEXAS!

Makes the ask: The question I have for you tonight Houston, is are you really ready for change? YES!!!

Because if you are really ready for change, we can go ahead and tell the lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda are over. Because they will not run my White House and they will not drown out the voices of ordinary people. I put out a plan that says everybody will be able to get health insurance at least as good as what I've got as a member of Congress. We will emphasize prevention so that we have a health care system instead of a disease care system. We won't do this twnety years form now, we will do it by the end of my first term.

If you are really ready then we can start restoring some balance to our economy, we are an independent and self reliant people, we don't believe in government doing what we can do for ourselves [nice nod to libertarian Texas] but when we've got CEOs making more in ten minutes [CNN employees asking each other if they're off for the night] than what we make in a year and when it's the CEOs getting a tax break and workers are left with nothing then something is wrong and something has to change. So I want to take away those tax breaks to companies that are creating jobs overseas and give them to companies who are investing in America.

We want to promote trade and we embrace globalization but we want our trade deals to embrace labor, environmental and safety standards. . . because if you work in America you should not be poor and that's a goal we will set in America.

The problem is not a lack of plans, but the lack of political will, the lack of urgency.,we think that those children in inner city Houston, that's somebody else's problem, that's somebody else's child. We think that child in East Texas, where there's a low tax base, and they can't afford to buy computers, I'm here to tell you that every child is our responsibility, and every child needs to be nurtured and embraced.

I won't just talk about how great teachers are I will reward them for their greatness by giving them higher salaries and more support, and I want the highest standards in our schools [DAMN, this is a great way of talking about merit pay, if you believe in it. Not that I do, but whoa]

If you are ready for change, we can have an energy policy that makes sense. We send four billion dollars to other countries every day and we're melting the ice caps in the process.

I'm not just someone who will tell you what you want to hear but will tell you what

If you're ready for change, we can start using immigration as

We are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants, and those two things we can join together, we can crack down on employers who are taking advantage of undocumented workers, but we can also provide a path to citizenship for those who are already here, they can pay a fine, go to the back of the line, and learn English.

We can start reinvesting in cities, we are spending 9 billion dollars, we can reinvest that money right here in Houston, in hospitals and in broadband and employing young men and women, that is possible if you are ready for change.

You know, as your commander in chief, my job will be to keep you safe, and I will not hesitate to strike against any .. .I will do whatever is required, but part of keeping you safe is maintaining the best military in the world, and that means providing our troops with the proper equipment, training and rotations, and that means taking care of our troops when they come home. we have a solemn obligation to honor those who have served on our behalf. part of keeping us safe is deploying our military wisely. and the war in Iraq was unwise, it distracted us from the fight that needed to be fought in Afghanistan against Al Qaeda, it fanned the flames of anti American sentiment, it cost us dearly in blood and in treasure. I oppose this war in 2002, I will bring and end to it in 2009. It is time to bring our troops home.

But I don't just want to end the war, I want to end the mindset that got us into war, I want to end a politics based in fear, that uses 9-11. . . I said earlier that I want to meet not just with our friends but also with our enemies, and there

we should never negotiate our of fear but we should never fear to negotiate. Strong countries and strong presidents talk to their adversaries and try to resolve things without resorting to fear. We will lead not just militarily, yes we will hunt down terrorists,

We are going to lead by example, by maintaining the highest standards of civil liberties and human rights, which is why I will shut down guantanamo, and restore

You can elect a president who has taught the Constitution and will obey the Constitution of America. [love love love]

All these things are possible if you are ready for change.

We need to season and stew him a little more and boil all the hope out of him, but I think you understand that the last thing we need is to have the same old folks doing the same old things, over and over again and we need new leadership to move into a new century.

There are those who would say that you have to be weary about inspiration because you might be disappointed, who say that Obama may make a good speech but what is really going to make a difference is how you work the government, but it is my central premise that the only way we will bring about real change in America is if we can bring new people into the process, if we can attract young people, independents, and stop fighting with Republicans. I want a working majority for change, that's how we win elections, that's how we will govern.

I know there are some who will say what about John Mccain? I revere and honor John Mccain's service to this country, he is a genuine american hero but when he embraces George bush's failed economic policies, when he says he is wiling to send our troops into another 100 years in iraq, then he represents the policies of yesterday and we want to look forward into tomorrow and we want to have that debate.

You know there's something deeper in this argument about inspiration, it really has to do with the meaning of hope. If you think about it, the odds of me standing here are very slim. I was born to a teenage mother, my father left when I was two, so I was raised by a single mom and my grandparents, they didn't have money and they didn't have fame, so what they gave me was love, and education, and they gave me hope. And so I talk about hope, I put hope on my signs, I gave a speech in boston about hope, I wrote a book about hope.

but now some suggest that I must be naive, that you're fuzzyheaded and idealistic, the implication is that if you talk about hope you're passive and you wait for things to happen.

Hope is not ignoring or being ignorant of the challenges that stand between you and your dreams, I know how difficult it will be to provide health insurance to change energy policy because the status quo services powerful people. I know how hard it will be to fight poverty.
American, if it were easy it would have already been done. I know how hard it is to change

I know how easy it is for politicians to turn us on each other to use immigrant and gay people and folks who aren't like us, as scrapegoats. But I know this because I've fought on the streets as an organizer, as a legislator,

Because good intentions aren't always enough, they need to be fortified by power. But I also know this, Houston, nothing good in this country ever happened without someone somewhere being wiling to hope.

A group of patriots founded this empire, slaves and abolitionists resisted an evil system, and how a new president charted a new course to the greatest generation, my grandpa fighting in Patton's army,

tha's how pioneers settled the west, how immigrants travel at great distances to these shore, how women won the right to vote, how workers won the right to organize,

that's what hope is - imagining and fighting for, working for, struggling for what seemed impossible. there's a moment in every generation when that spirit has to come through if we are to make our mark on history, when we are not wililng to settle for what the cynics have to accept, when we are willing to reach for what is possible,

when we determine we are going to keep the dream alive for those who hunger for opportunity and for those who dream of justice. it will not be easy but as hard as it will be, we will join together lock arms and go about the difficult but noble task of remaking our nation. houston, this is our moment, this is our time, and if you are willing to vote for me, if you are willing to stand with me, iuf you are willing to caucus for me, we will not just win Texas, we will win this nomination, we will win the general election, and you and I together will change this country and change this world.

Pundits saying his speech was too long, but I don';t agree it was just right - mix of inspiration and policy and substance. Takes on Hillary and pivots and takes on mccain. soaring highs like Boston 2004, and jesus if I didn't feel love and hope and empowered. Pnudits make the point that Hillary not only didn't congrtualte Obama on his Wisconsin win, but she didn't thank the people who VOTED FOR HER in Wisconsin. BAD ettiquette. Just goes to show that she will use and lose you. Obama started his speech before she was done, forcing the news stations to cover his victory versus her. HAHAHAHHAAH Clinton is claiming to be the candidate of labor. What about serving on the Walmart board!?!? Talking about promises, but people don't trust her. Kinda sad, really.

Looking at the map of Wisconsin exit polls, the only places that voted Clinton in Wisconsin are traditionally REpublican strongholds. what does that say?!?

Obama has essentially closed the gender gap with Clinton - 49%. Plus he is dominating economic issue - 55% of those who cited it as most import voted for him. Plus he got 53% of the white vote in Wisconsin. DAMN.

Obama voters with no college degree - 54%. wow, if I'm Clinton, I'm fucking scared.

One of the interesting things is that Obama is winning big in Green Bay - 56 to 43. Understand that this is one of THE most Republican areas in Wisconsin EVER. Plus she's grasping at straws by saying that Obama is plagerizing, and even touching the third rail of saying that you would go after another candidate's PLEDGED delegates. Why would you commit strategic suicide? Pledged delegates are THE most gungho about their candidate. Who are elected officials are general activists who ran to vote for their candidate.

Ahhh, Mccain - is wife is soooo Stepford, she scares me!

Update: Made some salsa, settling in the for the Hawaii elections.

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