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Thursday, February 14, 2008

On cheap transportation - the "Chinese bus"

Chris Matthews is one day going to get canned for his schtick... I know he gets paid to talk, and paid handsomely, but what does this man bring to the world that mothers, lovers, gardeners, and janitors do not?

Dude is the trash. I beg of you - TAKE HIM OUT! By which I mean off the air, and not bodyslamming him. Now here comes his take on the Chinatown buses, thanks to wonkette:

"There's the Chinese bus, you can take the Hasidic bus too. He took the Chinese bus all the way down from NYU just so he could vote."

Plus what is with the weird accents on CHI-nese bus?

I wouldn't be surprised if he also blames the CHI-nese for buying up the US economy and for keeping the yuan pegged to the dollar although technically, that's one Chinese bank and the Chinese government, as opposed to the dirt poor migrant workers of China who are getting rammed every ten ways more than Chris Matthews. But it's easy to blame the victim, no?

Here's my last question - Do buses have national identities? Or is Matthews implying that the buses were respectively made in Israel or China? Or that perhaps the bus is a rickshaw made of eager willing cheap Chinese labor? Maybe he means that once you set foot on the exotic bus on your luxury passage to the Orient (otherwise known as DC Chinatown,) the passengers all automatically become Chinese but only for the duration of the 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 hour long ride? Is the "Chinese bus" some magical Disney ride that I'd never heard of before that I absolutely have to ride? Really, I am so confused, maybe Chris Matthews can explain this to me in his eloquent and lucid English, his native tongue. Which I presumably wouldn't understand, being CHI-nese.



  • At 8:49 AM, Blogger Kai said…

    I assume he's talking about the Fung Wah bus line running out of NYC Chinatown; that's the only "Chinese bus" I know about anyway. And it is indeed a helluva ride, cheap as hell and the drivers just floor it. On national TV you need to be a bit more explicit, most people have no idea about Fung Wah and then the whole accent/emphasis just makes it sound freaky.


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