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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jon Stewart, Colbert and Conan account for Huckabee Hump

So many political observers were taken aback by Huckabee's weirdly high showing on Super Tuesday. In fact, the man did so well that he can really make the claim that the GOP race is indeed "a two man fight, and we're in it!"

But I have uncovered the secret to Mike Huckabee's success - a Conan clip from the night before Super Tuesday, much better than ANY political ad that any spin doctor or flack could come up with.

The man is ingenious at getting massively good free press, which has helped him overcome Romster or Rominator's HUGE financial advantage.

And here it is - the key to Huckabee's Hump on Super Tuesday:

PS: Can i say yums to a Conan Stewart Colbert menage a trois?


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