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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Michelle Obama for President

wow, she's got me fired up and ready to go - I can't believe she maintained the same fierce intensity for 50 minutes. This woman's an even better speaker than her husband!!! Here's a Baltimore Sun article about the speech.

I am tired of hearing that if I do not support Hillary, it is because I am against having a woman in the White House. I think we all can thank Hillary for that, because she made it okay for a new type of First Lady to step forth - a First Lady that can do the job just as well, if not better, than her husband. Her path has allowed women like Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Edwards to step forward, proud and unbowed.

But I do not believe that she should be president because it is her turn or her chance. When we run people for office who think that it's their God-given due to be in office, that's when the constituents lose. It's a privilege to be in office, to be a representative of the people. And Hillary sometimes treats it like it's her turn to play with the toy.

That's not how it works. At least, not how it should work.

Good lord, I kept screaming "preach it!" and "Amen, sister" when Michelle Obama was talking - so real, so passionate and fiery and she was talking the talk of the ordinary person, about their daily issues. It was an organizer's speech - about not just what we can dream of, but the sacrifices we will have to make, and about the work that must go into creating our ideal world. She worked in a number of shap upper right cuts and jabs at both Clintons, and praised her husband, and well, I was so overcome with emotion that I started choking up there. It's the counterpart to Barack's 2004 convention speech, powered by the drive and love of a mother, a wife, a patriot.

Preach it, sister!



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