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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gore v Bill Clinton

Ugh, Gore had the sense to stay low and let the current candidates shine - why can't Bill have the same sense. Even nonpolitical observers have told me that it feels like Clinton is running his wife's campaign. And this message coming from not particularly politically active WOMEN undercuts the root of Hillary's appeal to women, both implicit and stated by the campaign.

per political wire:

Marc Ambinder notes that Al Gore "has not told any of his political advisers and friends if he is considering an endorsement. During the past year, he has spoken privately with all three leading Democrats."

However, an adviser said that Gore "had long ago decided to lay low once the Democratic delegate selection contests began so as not to interfere in the race."

Now there's a man with good sense and sensibility who knows when to leave the stage. Bill on the other hand, not so much. This Politico piece lays it all out:

Who can say what Clinton’s effect on the campaign trail really is? However much journalistic critics and Obama supporters cringed at Bill Clinton’s performances, they seemed to help Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and Nevada.

But those experiences seemed to unleash something more antic and unruly in Clinton’s attacks on Obama and the media, making the Clinton campaign even more about him and less about her. The effect was a bit like a dieter who reads on the Internet that doughnuts are actually good for you.

But the gluttony strategy backfired in the South Carolina primary, and it backfired again in the Kennedy endorsement primary.

In his own career, Clinton’s errors have always been followed by recovery, self-indulgence by self-correction. The next several weeks will determine whether he can follow the same pattern on behalf of his spouse.

Also, Congressman Raul Grijalva, Democrat of Arizona, has switched his support from Edwards to Obama, according to local papers:

Grijalva had endorsed Edwards on May 3, saying the former senator from North Carolina "has shown principled leadership on the way in Iraq and on economic opportunity in America."

Grijalva will be very helpful in Latino outreach, especially since California is one of the biggest prizes on Feb 5th. And apparently the first interview that Teddy Kennedy and Obama did after the historic speech and endorsement was with Univision - way to understand your audience. Teddy Kennedy is remarkable - he carried Kerry on his back in Iowa, with the farmers, and the Reagan democrats, the white males, and the union members. He has the trust and respect of many of the Latino voters and civil rights organizations. Teddy Kennedy is like instant cred.

Which Hillary could have used, right about now, as her husband appears to be flailing in his own ego and hubris.

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