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Monday, January 28, 2008

Are the Clintons trustworthy? Or, will you still love me tomorrow?

This dkos post gets at the heart of the matter - why people are wary of the Clintons. I hear some form of this from relatives, strangers, friends, people in bars, people in cars. From total political junkies to political neophytes -

Will they stab us in the back? Will they be there for us when the chips are down?

It's what everyone wonders and what progressive activists are most afraid of - that when push comes to shove, Hillary and Bill will push us all over the cliff before they get dragged over. It's what I'm most afraid of, and what I am pretty sure will happen - not when, but if. And I am not even as close-minded to Hillary as most of my friends are (you know, the run to Canada or not vote in the general election type.) It's Clinton's Tracy Flick and she needs to deal with her husband being Slick Willie. It's throwing aside Iowa and South Carolina and praising states like Florida and Michigan only because they can benefit her in the delegate count. If Florida winds up apportioning most of their delegates to Obama, will she still love them tomorrow?

Several people who are close to the President said Mr. Jackson's emotional support should not be underestimated. "Jesse Jackson has been as good a friend as we've had in this," said Paul Begala, a senior aide to Mr. Clinton. "Oh, he's been good."

Indeed. Throughout their personal and political crisis, when Jackson was needed by the Clintons, he was there for them. During the impeachment proceedings, Rev. Jackson rallied thousands on the steps of the Capitol:

"The American people do not view Bill Clinton as a bad man," the Rev. Jesse Jackson told the crowd. "They see him as they see themselves -- as flawed, as less than perfect."

Everyone knows someone who has betrayed them, and no one wants that person to be the President of this country, especially after the complete incompetence of Bush. If this is what Obama is hitting on, it's brutally effective, especially since they see the Clinton camp's desperation.

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