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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hillary and Howard, Obama needs to fight back

I don't know, but I would guess that Hillary and Howard Dean have a working relationship, but that if Dean supported anyone, it would be Edwards or Obama. Obama because he is running the 50 state strategy and understands the need to engage more people into the Democratic party, to open it up and make it inclusive.

Well, one of the best things that Dean ever did was to change the primary/caucus system so that it included the more diverse states of Nevada (APIA and Latino voter concentration) and South Carolina (African American voters), not to mention, it increased geographic diversity. So while I feel bad that the people of Michigan and Florida don't get to have their delegates count, it was a compromise. And yes, these two states also have a lot of minorities, but their state party leaders decided to muck up the whole process by cutting in line. Hillary should not go and explode the delicate truce by demanding now that these voters are heard when her campaign was more than eager to disenfranchise Casino workers on the caucus strip.

Actually, I have to say that this was a friggin' BRILLIANT strategy by the H-camp - they distracted the Obama campaign with a head feint while beating them with their organizing of other workers near the Strip. Because the lawsuit was bogus, they knew it was bogus, and the judge knew it was bogus. But they knew it would draw media attention, and also the resources and energy of the Obama campaign and throw them off their game. I have to admit that they are excellent at practicing sleight of hand, or "pay no attention to the left hand that is going to sucker punch you when you least expect it."

By winning over Casino workers and turning out other union members, whose leadership FAILED to give them some direction for months, they did an artful job. Of course, they also provided the GOP with fodder for all the upcoming elections to disenfranchise Democratic voters and union members. But nevermind the long term view as long as Hillary can win.

Also, Asian Americans in Nevada apparently voted 2 to 1 for Hill and Bill, whereas Latinos voted 3 to 1, an astonishing lead. I wouldn't be surprised at all if these figures didn't match the national sentiment.

Lastly, I wonder if Hillary calling attention to gaining the delegates of Michigan and Florida isn't another feint designed to draw attention away from something else. I gotta say, the Clintonites understand how to spin, what will lure reporters pads and pens more than anything else, and they know how to use it. They might complain that they don't get good press and well actually the worst press, and they might but they also know how to work it.

Really lastly, when is Obama going to get some surrogates who go negative on the Clintons? He's expending all his energy attacking Bill, for whom there is some nostalgia (if only because we remember him so fondly compared to the current piss poor excuse for a national leader that we have.) So Obama has to disengage from that while shining his bright hopeful beacon smile and getting Jesse Jackson Jr and nother notables to be hitting the Clintons hard. I understand that it's not supposed to be politics as usual but there are ways to hit the Clintons without slandering their character.

Also, Hillary is basically setting Bill up like some kind of giant media-sucking net, to take and deflect all the blows. Meanwhile hillary's up to something, I don't know what shape but I can feel it.

He needs to hit hard, and now, because the New York Times endorsement is not insignificant. I mean, I knew it was coming for Hillary because she's their home state senator (or carpetbagger, if you prefer) and well, it's going to do some damage.

Okay, last bit I promise, but so much the day before South Carolina. Obama's folks have answered my Fantasy Democratic Administration prayers and are floating the idea of Edwards as Attorney General. So exciting! (Well, if you can trust bob Novak farther than you can throw him...) Oops - I had Edwards as Labor and Spitzer as AG but I think both would be great in either position. Edwards is a fantastic trial attorney.

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