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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Entitled bloggers, cry me a river

So I am less and less thrilled with John Aravosis' posts recently. First he puts up a pretty racist post blasting a Chinese artist for creating the MLK Memorial, and now, he's whining about how he and other people earning between $75,000 and $150,000 don't get anything from this sham of an economic stimulus package.

At first I couldn't believe it was real, but now I am pretty convinced.

That means that if you make $75,000 or more a year, no check for you. Forget that fact that you live in NYC or DC or San Francisco, where prices from property to food are outrageous. No, forget that. Some guy living in a mansion in Topeka making $74,999 a year will get his little gift from the US Treasury and you, living in NYC making $75,001 out of a 300 sq ft studio apartment will get nothing.

Cry me a fucking river. I have very little sympathy for this kind of entitled whining from people who are actually upper middle class. Please refer to my post on Harvard single-handedly redefining the middle class by increasing the ceiling of financial aid to families making $200,000. Take how I feel about that, and apply it to this, but decrease the volume by half. It's this kind of privileged bitching that leads to scrapegoating the hard working immigrants who barely scrape by on $16,000/year.

Let's look at it another way - giving money to the lower income families means that money gets spent quicker on necessities, and rejuvenates the economy. When you give tax cuts to rich people, they invest in stocks, bonds, and Wall Street.

And yes, I am a blogger, and yes I am comfortable. But I would still qualify for the tax rebate. And yeah, NYC and DC are expensive cities, and you have the option of living further out and commuting in if you want cheaper housing. For everything there is a trade off.



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