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Monday, January 28, 2008

More Asian Americans on the campaign trail

Apparently Roger Lau is Hillary's go to guy in Massachusetts.

Members of the staff were not available to comment, although state campaign director Roger Lau did release information about the former first lady’s statewide organization.

Organizing meetings throughout Massachusetts, and especially in the Boston area, have been very successful, according to Lau. A meeting in Cambridge drew 126 supporters and one in Newton brought 64 supporters. The organizing meetings are planned not by Clinton staff, but instead by local volunteers.

Lau apparently has worked for Senator Kerry, former Congressman Meehan, and managed Niki Tsongas' successful Congressional election. I wonder how big a hit it was when his former employer and the state's senior Senator went for Obama...

In Washington State, former Governor Gary Locke is a co-chair of Hillary's campaign there.

In California, Obama hired Van Tamom to be his Deputy Political Director and director of APIA Outreach. Apparently he ran for the state legislature and was endorsed by Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, which might explain her break from her sister who is supporting Hillary. Also, this is probably the most beautiful and artistic campaign mural EVER.

In other news, the DNC has named a number of APAs to Convention committees.


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