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Thursday, January 31, 2008

GOP Populists? If Huckabee parallels Edwards and Romney: Hillary, does that make McCain Obama?!?

LOLs, I am watching a repeat of the GOP debate and watching Mitt Romney, the biggest capitalist in the GOP race, who made mad amounts of money from investment banking at Bain Capital, trying to talk like a populist is laughable.

Then there's Mike Huckabee, who can credibly talk like a populist and even works in some references to the building trades, and Ron Paul who talks passionately about the middle class, and John McCain who can't seem to answer the question "Are we better off than we were 8 years ago?" with a straight answer.

Quite hilarious, and ingenious having Anderson Cooper interviewing them - he had them at their throats. Especially McCain and Romney trying to out-conservative and out-Reagan each other. Also, it is clear that when John McCain growls "my friend" at Romney that he means anything but. He looks like an old lion who wants to snap Romney's tanned neck in half. Sorry I can't help but be gleeful watching this: when McCain says, "all the conservatives who endorse me, in fact, your Lieutenant Governor"

Then Romney says, "Ok, I have a lot of work to do. My Lieutenant Governor, Heleay, is supporting me. My predecessor, Jane Swift, is supporting you. And in fact, the study you cite on jobs lost includes her term." Bwahahahahaha.

Huckabee is kinda playing the role of Edwards in the pissing match between McCain and romney. He comes across as credible and real, as opposed to Romney's tanned patrician wealth and McCain's smug independence. Apparently he has the ladies' attention too.

Jim Vandehei from politico looks really nervous on stage and while asking questions. Not so nice to be the one getting the attention, is it?

Wow, Huckabee is really the Edwards of the right - he's talking about how frequently GOP candidates look more like the guy who laid the average voter off than the guy who they work with. asked to explain this, he says, "The Republican party is really going to be in trouble because we keep nominating people who don't understand what the people out there are feeling, when they are carrying the feight, etc." Strong language and apt for someone who grew up poor.

Huckabee's wrap up speech is humble, and he talks about how he isn't going to claim that Reagan would endorse him, but that he endorses Reagan's ideals. Romney is getting painted consciously or not by McCain as someone who flip fliops, not unlike Hillary. So I guess that makes McCain the Obama of the crew?!?!

On another note, here's one of the best articles I have ever seen on Hillary's faith: Hillary's Prayer. Kinda creepy, but it's co-authored by Jeff Sharlet, who is IMHO one of the best investigative reporters out there today. It is an INTENSELY good read - I cannot recommend this highly enough.

So tonight I'll be watching (and live-blogging) the debate between Obama and Hillary. I'll be able to better judge where the chips fall on Super Tuesday after that.



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