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Monday, February 04, 2008

Tidbits, Super Tuesday Eve

Other people care about football, me I salivate over CNN Politics, Politico and CSPAN. This is primary season!

1) Bush has absolutely nuked the Reagan coalition. And fiscal conservative who still supports him is lying to you or themselves. A $3 TRILLION budget is fucking crazy. The man is just trying to stuff the bank vaults of his buds in the war and oil industries.

In related news, McCain really has no clue about the economy. Consider me scared for our status as superpower if he becomes president. I think the Republicans would be happy if they could somehow merge McCain, Romney, and Huckabee into one seamless person. Except they would obviously go psycho, having three conflicting personalities and ideologies.

2) Here's a nice recollection of the Edwards campaign from their NBC embedded reporter.

3) Mitt Romney trying to be an anti-Washington populist. How patently false and Gumby-like can he stretch before he breaks?!? Romney can't be Huckabee, no matter how hard he tries. He suffers from the Hillary problem of not being very likable in a different way than Guiliani. Romney is patently condescending and people feel it. The same way that they didn't connect with John Kerry. Damn the Taxachusetts curse!

4) An amusing and heartening tale of a lonely heart - of a young American male who supports Hillary. Well written and easily digestible. I predict more writing in this guy's future.

5) Fred Wilson finds Ana marie Cox's twitter. Sweet! I have been needing a dose of the original wonkette - the defanged wonkette is just no fun, especially when they fire the ladies. Best part - her bio: "I seem to have made a terrible mistake . . ."

6) Where Edwards endorsers are decamping to - Grijalva (AZ), Oberstar (MN) and former NARAL Exec Director Kate Michelman to Obama.

Clinton pickups: In Tennessee: State Democratic Executive Committee Member Don Farmer, and Democratic activists Warren Gooch of Oak Ridge, Ashish Patel of Nashville and Norma Lester of Memphis.

There's an Indian American dude in Nashville?!? Just kidding folks, move along. And don't forget to vote!

UPDATE: Wow, when did we get an Asian American on the NY Times editorial staff?!? I nearly fell out of my seat reading this about the racist Super Bowl ad. But it wasn't so much about the racism of the ad, as it was reading that a New York Times ed board member is APIA! (The ad's bad by the way):

My vote for the most repellent Super Bowl commercial wasn’t the disgorged heart on the keyboard, the vomiting baby, or the fat guy with the jumper cables on his nipples.

It was an ad for Salesgenie.com — the one with the cartoon panda at Ling Ling’s Bamboo Furniture Shack, talking with a singsong Chinese accent lifted from a World War II movie or “Gilligan’s Island” episode. Just about as obnoxious was the company’s other ad, featuring Ramesh, a hapless widget salesman with seven kids and an Indian accent as thick as Gunga Din’s.

I’m sure some will dismiss my irritation as a predictable complaint from a thin-skinned Asian-American speed-dialing the P.C. police. I don’t care. [emphasis mine] This country has a lot to answer for in its mockery and abuse of immigrants and other outsiders, and it never looks more stupid than when it harks back to the time when broad ethnic stereotyping was a source of endless amusement within the dominant white culture.

Wow, so I checked for a photo and well, Lawrence Downes I'm sure is one of those who always gets the "what ARE you?" but I will take him at his word, and now I remember he wrote a really good and provocative article about teenage girls growing up too fast. Pretty nifty, I guess we are infiltrating the halls of power, if slowly.



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