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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

John McCain is the ultimate flip flopper

I know the man talks about honor in the trenches, and I respect the service he has given to our country. But I wonder just how much he believes in when he abandons not one, but TWO major bills that he was a major sponsor of.

1) IMMIGRATION REFORM (McCain-Kennedy): Has gone from supporting a path to citizenship and to stronger border control measures. (per Media Matters and also here.)

2) CAMPAIGN FINANCE (McCain-Feingold): This eponymous bill has largely been ground down into dust by McCain, who recently announced that for his presidential campaign, he will opt out of public financing. Way to support your core values and beliefs and to take one of the things you've accomplished and to spit on it.

In conclusion, I bring you the much blogged about parody of Obama's "Yes We Can" music video called "No We Can't" for John McCain: "There's going to be other wars, We're going to have a a lot of combat wounds, and it's going to be tough . . . 10,000 years, 10,000 years. Iraq withdrawal date: 12,008."

1:39 minutes of concise funny mixed with sadness. Also, later I'll be blogging the Potomac primary results with on the ground reports. Not much to liveblog since well, the only thing that's going to be surprising is by what margin...



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