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Friday, February 22, 2008

Stuff White People Like

I saw this somewhere, but I forget where. I will remember and thank the blogger though because it is spot on and funny. THe blogger said that it is closer to "stuff that yuppies like" which is also possible.

Know that I am guilty of liking more than a few of these things myself, including Juno and Arrested Development.

Of note, and extra funny and on the ball:
#71 - being the only white person around
#62 - Knowing what's best for poor people (w/ photo of Green party supporters)
#60 - Toyota Prius
# 50 - Irony
This can be used to your advantage. If you need to appear cool to white people, you just need to pick something that was popular 10+ years ago and put it in a prominent place at your desk or in your home. A C+C Music Factory Cassette, or a “2 Legit 2 Quit” t-shirt would both be acceptable examples.
Guest Column - Top Ten hip hop songs white people love
"sir Mix-a-lot - Baby got Back"
This, like a number of the other rap songs White People love, features prominently sexual themes addressed in a humorous fashion. I think it’s White People’s inherent prudish squareness that makes them get all giddy about "naughty" rapper songs.

Oh hells, go and read all of it. Cheers and enjoy this cultural anthropology guide, a la Dave Chappelle.



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