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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Liveblogging Jon Stewart on Larry King

Ok, here's the translation - italics is me, bold is Larry King and normal font is Stewart.

Jon Stewart is an angry somber man.

He really respects McCain and doesn't like clinton so much.

"See, I don;t understand this idea of did they go wrong, did they go right? More people appear to be voting for Obama, but more people are going to parse, her message to the Hispanics is garbled. She was at a stop and she ate a taco but she didn't gobble it. . . Not as many people are voting for her. The idea that it is a recipe and the idea that if you add more sincerity and a dash of humor, it would be right."

"What about a woman president? Are guys not going to be able to drive or what happenend? The very idea of are people ready? Are they going to flee, as if Godzilla attacked the cities..."

I think so much of what it is is a moment in time. I do think the country, a part of the country at least, feels like it has not been heard. And the administration readily admits it. The strategy has been to bsaically only govern for your constituency.

I think the biggest difference between these two guys is they are not partisan animals. How did they turn the steroid hearings into a partisan affair?!?

The right wing's argument against McCain? It's the old idea of you have to be lockstep. These are candidates, Obama and McCain mostly, who are running against ideological lockstep.

The REpublicans are against executive power, until they get a president, and then they are like, "You know what would be great? A unitary executive. . . A monarchy."

Larry shows video of Conan-Stewart-Colbert fight, Stewart gets intensely amused look.

LK: Who came up with this?

I think the three of us came up with ideas for how to waste time, and we can all be part of the most useless 8 minutes of television.

so much of the strike was balancing your obligation to your writers and your staff, and those moments were the perfect counterbalance . . .

Stewart is much more intense and less light hearted than his show persona. He's obviously tired of hte same old same old and is looking for a post partisan candidate. Not unlike how more Americans are changing their registrations to independent, they are also tired of this.

LK: What current movie would you cast Stephen Colbert in?

There will be blood.

Mike Huckabee-

Love him. so entertaining. and then every once in a while you watch him give a speech and you go , ooow.

Mitt Romney, who by the way is that guy a Pixar character?

What about Rudy Guiliani? It turns out that the rest of America wasn't impressed that he got rid of the squeegee people. He got a little 9-11 happy, we used to call it 9-11 Tourettes.

On Clinton relationship:

It's like he says, how dare you destroy her, that's my job!

On Tucker Carlson:

There was this idea that it was personal between the two of us, but really it was about the show. You've been at CNN for a while, if the Hitler Mussolini show got ratings, they'd say, put it on after Larry King.

Why is Jon Stewart such a misanthrope? Man, so bitter...

Wow, breaking - NYT hits McCain on doing special favors for a female lobbyist...



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