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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clinton's APA staff won't back down

Most people read the Clinton staff letter by over 500 staffers pledging that they were in it to win it as a sign that the Clinton campaign wasn't going to back down.

Me, I scanned it for Asian American names. Keep in mind that this isn't even all her campaign staff - it's those who are the most dedicated and most loyal. By this list, it's not hard to see how Clinton has the most APA staff.

Additionally, it's notable for who is NOT on the list, namely Policy Director Neera Tandeen (who is a fixture in hillaryland), top APA hand Irene Bueno and APA spokesman Jin Chon.

Huma Abedin - Hillary's legendary traveling chief of staff
Nahiyan Ahmad - former healthcare consultant turned phone bank manager
Swathi Bojedla - senate staff assistant
Catharine Chen - former field staff and surrogate scheduler
Dennis Cheng - prev mentioned; NY State Finance Director
Cynthia Cho - former reporter turned Clinton staffer
Lenore Cho - former reporter turned Clinton staffer
Lillian Choi - NY attorney
Anne Gavaghan - Senate legislative aide
Diane Hamwi - California fundraiser
Melissa Ho - Senate side staff, Agricultural policy
Rafi Jafri - Chicago fundraiser
Ioanna Kefala - CT staff
Yekyu Kim - Senate side staffer, Deputy Director of Constituent Affairs
Roger Lau - Massachusetts director
Hyun J. Lee
Johna Ohtagaki
Amee Patel
Shraddha Patel Tewary
Tara Rangarajan
Victoria Ruan - former reporter turned regional field director in Nevada
Rishi Sahgal - LA attorney
Elisa Shyu
Uday Sreekanth

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  • At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    fyi, there is a wall street journal reporter named victoria ruan but i don't think it's the same as the hillary staffer. The hillary staffer was never a reporter.


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