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Monday, March 31, 2008

NY Gov. Hillary Clinton: Say it ain't so

Oh god, please say it ain't so, I don't wanna know. . .

Jonathan Alter of Newsweek is talking about "giving" Hillary Clinton the NY State governorship as a consolation prize for not winning the presidential nomination.

This is ridiculous. First of all, just because Paterson is currently having problems does not mean that he will have to resign, and second, the reason why I don't want Clinton as my president (apart from issues of judgement) is that she feels entitled to it. It's as though her parents didn't get the big huge stuffed panda and now she just has to settle for the still large but just slightly smaller one.

Get over it.

Maybe this prospect would have seemed more appealing if she hadn't totally botched her campaign and if she hadn't started down the nuclear path. But more importantly, you don't just get handed a governorship. You should have to work for it. The way she worked for her first Senate campaign, and the way that she worked to represent the people of New York.

I don't have a problem with her having higher ambitions - if politicians didn't, they probably would never get anything done. But she consistently just uses and loses people, cities, states. Look at how certain states (Iowa and oh, about 20 states) were important and then not so much. Look at how Bill Richardson was important, and now not so much.

I mean, c'mon. When's the last time the people of New York had a competent governor for a long period of time? Mario Cuomo? Oy.



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